TalSuccess is a Brand of Quint Consulting Services, a Global Training and Consulting company with footprint in India since 2004. Quint has trained More than 2.5 Million learners and trained More than 1250 Corporates for last 17 years and with average feedback of 9/10.


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At Quint Consulting Services, we have been working on the best practices focusing mostly on the process and tool alignment components, however the missing link was human capital development. A lot of our consulting assignments were not able to meet the objective – not because of the process/tool issue but mostly because of the “people” issues at the clients’ end.

Quint started a separate vertical – TalSuccess, to address the“people” aspects in IT best practice space. TalSuccess is focused mainly on Talent Transformation covering Talent Assessment, Talent Development and Measuring the Impact. It brings the best global thought leadership in this space. We are bringing global alliances with some of the best known names.

Omnia Group – For Talent Assessment – one of the oldest and the largest in its segment. Omnia Behavioral and Personality Assessment are best in class globally.

TalentSmartEQ – one of the best brands in Emotional Intelligence – to assess and develop EQ Individually and teams.

Pontefract Group – For leadership workshops – covering programs in Leading Self, Leading teams and Leading Organizations. Also all these programs are highly contextual in nature and tailored to meet organization needs.

Richardson Sales Performance – For best in class Sales workshops to enhance the customer buying experience. There are multiple Sales workshops aimed at accelerating your sales and overall organizational growth.

Fierce – Fierce is a global leadership development and training company that changes the way people communicate with each other.

ROI Institute – The ROI workshops are focused to demonstrate the relevance and value of the organization’s investment in people, projects and programs through the application of the world renowned ROI Methodology.

Our design methodology incorporates the right balance of content, context, and experiences for any solution, whether it’s a program on managerial fundamentals or an in-market immersion for senior executives. The experiences vary widely in format, from metaphoric to hyper-realistic — always geared towards specific learning outcomes. This approach enables leaders not only to learn, but also to change and adapt to new challenges TalSuccess truly believes in Talent Transformation so for every program it incorporates initial assessment, workshop delivered using interactive and innovative techniques, training/workshop followed by Reinforcement and has complete capability to carry out Impact studies (ROI).

Leaders Are The Greatest Levers For Winning In An Unpredictable World

The behavioral and cognitive traits mentioned above can be solved easily by identifying the concerns areas and then working towards improving the concern areas.

TalSuccess is bringing top class content and methodologies from some of the most experienced and reputed global players. Have a look at the partner section to get a glimpse of the global alignment under TalSuccess. The contents along our very experienced Talent Transformation SMEs, provides you with a complete end to end solution including a revolutionary Talent Impact Analysis or ROI Analysis.

With these Global alignments coupled with our own curated contents, we are able to provide a single window for all your talent transformation needs – right from hiring à assessing the talent à developing the talent à ROI/Measuring Impact of Talent (Model).

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