Mastering Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Level 2

A follow-on program to Mastering EQ Level 1. In this in-person or virtually led session, dive deeper through EQ strategy practice to continue building the skills that directly impact performance. Learn how to reframe your negative self-talk, and develop the listening and observational skills that allow you step into another’s shoes.

Features & Design

  • Full day or 2 half-days facilitated on-site or virtually through a TalentSmart expert facilitator.
  • Dive deeper into the four EQ skills.
  • Explore your reactions to a range of emotions and lean into discomfort for deeper self-knowledge and stress management.
  • Discuss real world examples and experiences.
  • Analyze and reframe your negative self-talk.
  • Develop the listening and observational skills that allow you to step into another person’s shoes.
  • Includes Emotional Intelligence Appraisal—Me Retest or Multi-Rater (360°) Edition for each participant.
  • Includes e-Learning and Goal-Tracking System™ (goal setting and results sharing)

Benefits & Outcomes

  • Drives business objectives and improves performance across organization.
  • Participants increase self-awareness, and jumpstart personal EQ development.
  • Increased EQ throughout your organization.
  • Continued EQ development through e-Learning and Goal-Tracking System™.
  • Improved communication and relationships, honed decision-making skills, increased productivity, and over 33 developed workplace skills.

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