Practical Innovation: Themes and Objectives


  • A process for creativity and innovation
  • Creating a culture that supports creativity
  • Blending the Art and the Science
  • Building a tool set
  • Experimentation: Using failures and successes


  • Learn a process to identify the best type of opportunities to apply innovative thinking
  • Learn skills and acquire tools to boost creativity and tap into the collective IQ of the group to build innovative solutions
  • Learn how to diagnose, build and lead a more innovation friendly environment

Practical innovation: Module Outline

Day One Creativity Generation

Generating Creativity in your Organization

Practicing a process for tapping into the best thinking of everyone in the organization, and for allowing extraordinary alternatives to emerge.

Avoiding the Traps; Mastering the Challenges

Recognizing and working around the typical thinking traps that lead back into routine ways of problem-solving.  Learning and employing new ways of thinking that lead to innovative solutions.

Day Two Innovation & Creativity Tools

Identifying and Selecting the Best Opportunities

Moving from wide-open creativity to thoughtful judgment—determining which of your creative ideas is most likely to survive and succeed in your organization and the marketplace.

Creating an Innovation-Friendly Environment

Part of the leader’s role goes beyond leading the work. It is also their job to create a more innovation-friendly environment. Here managers learn how to diagnose and change the things that are getting in the way of innovation.

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