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Go Deeper and Wider to Protect and Grow Strategic Accounts

Major Account Planning provides account managers with a repeatable and practical methodology for winning more business in strategic accounts and elevating the level of relationship within those accounts. The outcomes of this methodology are higher levels of sales revenue, a greater share of spend within the account, and more efficient use of resources, thereby, lowering cost of sales and improving margins on business in that account.

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Richardson Sales Performance’s Major Account Planning (MAP) Training Program

Major Account Planning enables account managers to develop an effective plan for generating high-value sales and raising the level of relationship in major accounts, thus improving margins while simultaneously defending the account from competitive encroachment.

It is based on a repeatable process for planning effective activities and efficient application of resources for improved sales and relationship-building within an account and includes supporting analysis and planning tools.

The graphic below outlines the major account planning process.

To learn more about building a successful account strategy download our research into How Sales Teams Are Managing Strategic Accounts During the Pandemic.

Major Account Planning (MAP) Training Program Business Benefits

Teams that complete major account planning training improve business outcomes because of their enhanced ability to:

  • Close opportunities with existing customers faster, generating revenue quicker than developing a new customer opportunity
  • Reduce acquisition costs by expanding existing relationships
  • Retain priority relationships by learning how to protect against competitive threats
  • Focus on the best accounts by assessing relationships against clear criteria

Key Areas Of Content:

To maximize business in accounts, sales professionals must understand the sources of business initiatives and projects in that account. Major Account Planning provides sales professionals with the means to accurately identify the forces affecting an account, how to create a defensible fortress of value, develop higher and broader levels of relationship, and secure higher shares of spend for the seller’s solutions.

Protecting accounts from competitive encroachment requires sales professionals to understand how they can create value, and how they can bring the right resources to bear to achieve new value creation. Major Account Planning provides sales professionals with the methods and tools for selecting the most effective competitive strategy, and for applying the optimum mix of resources in proportion to business potential.

With the right insights and understanding of accounts, sales professionals can determine how they can help to fulfill strategic initiatives and projects, thereby becoming more strategic and indispensable to that account. Major Account Planning provides a practical model for white space analysis, showing what capabilities in sales professionals’ solution portfolios create the most value in accounts. This analysis increases the number of identified opportunities in accounts significantly, and helps sales professionals to focus on those that provide the highest business impact.

Raising the level of relationships in accounts, across departments and business units and upward into the executive suite, requires sales professionals to communicate and get credit for value created. Effective account management ensures higher levels of repeat business, renewals and new opportunities. Major Account Planning provides reliable tools for managing account engagement, increasing satisfaction and loyalty, and becoming a trusted advisor and partner at multiple levels in an account.

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