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Selling Insurance in a Complex Environment

Insurance sales professionals require a range of skills to position the value of products that are intangible, complex, and abstract. These challenges are intensifying as the industry experiences ongoing changes like:

  • The emergence of fast, affordable digital solutions
  • The changing regulatory environment
  • The demand for increasingly personalized solutions

Selling Insurance in a Complex Environment

Overcoming these modern insurance sales challenges means developing an equally modern approach to selling. Insurance agents need sales training to learn to deliver customer-centric solutions that address underlying needs more effectively than competitors. Success comes from understanding the buyer’s journey, reaching all stakeholders, and shaping perceptions of value. These sales skills are particularly important for insurance organizations positioning multiple products and services, each consisting of several parts.

Richardson Sales Performance’s sales training for insurance teams equips insurance sales professionals to do so by:

  • Distilling complex, multi-part solutions into a concise story.
  • Positioning a differentiated value proposition that goes beyond premiums and payouts.
  • Articulating the benefits of coverage against increasingly complicated risk factors.

Richardson Sales Performance’s customization process means that insurance sales training empowers professionals with specific, actionable insights on how to develop the insurance selling skills that are relevant to their world.

“The insurance sales training brought on new perspectives and techniques for approaching existing and new relationships. It’s not every day someone provides constructive criticism to your sales approach.” – Sales Executive, H.W. Kaufman Group

Equipping Insurance Sales Professionals To Serve the Whole Client

Many insurance companies have the solutions to serve the whole client but lack the ability to articulate and position the relevance of those products. Therefore, at Richardson Sales Performance, we teach the skills needed to evolve from a product-focused solution provider to a customer-centric organization.

Our Connected Selling Curriculum™ offers the range of skills critical to pursuing, developing, and closing complex insurance sales that address a range of needs.

Creating a Universal Approach to Selling Insurance

Driving change at scale requires a single selling language. Leaders cannot build upon a sales methodology unless that methodology is uniform throughout the organization. Moreover, with cohesion and communication, insurance sales professionals in one division are better suited to recognize where other divisions can serve additional customer needs.

Training Programs for Insurance Sales Professionals


The Consultative Selling training program gives insurance sales professionals a consistent, repeatable process to more effectively connect their solutions to the customer’s unique set of insurance needs. Participants learn the Six Critical Skills, which support the Consultative Selling Framework, helping sales professionals reveal and address the customer’s underlying needs and unaddressed risk.


The Intentional Pursuit Strategy training program provides a method for pursuing complex insurance sales opportunities, shortening the sales cycle, and driving win rates. This methodology provides a set of strategic thinking prompts, practices, and interactive planning tools to help sales professionals guide the customer through the complex decision making that is common when exploring insurance options.


The Consultative Negotiations training program offers a framework for shaping their customer’s perception of value. With a combination of social psychology, interactive learning, and customization, learners leave training with the tools, skills, and confidence to move a commitment to a close. As insurance customers become more comfortable with negotiating prices, sales professionals must be prepared to protect the value of the sale.

How Richardson Sales Performance Drove Measurable Results for a Major Insurance Sales Organization

H.W. Kaufman Group, a global network of insurance companies, has offices in the US and Canada, 300 products, and 1,200 associates. As the company grew, they realized they needed to align their sprawling team around the same selling skills. They also faced growing competition with more than 3,000 other businesses in their space. Finally, they needed a way to more effectively position the depth and breadth of their offerings.

The leaders at H.W. Kaufman Group partnered with Richardson Sales Performance to build a customized insurance sales training solution. Through customized content, Richardson Sales Performance built an approach that prepared sales professionals to learn while providing them with best practices and measurement tools to ensure sustained results

  • Revenue grew 61% among the offices engaged in training.
  • Participants generated a 12% increase in sales within their first month post-training.
  • The investment in the workforce helped reduce employee turnover by 18%.
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