Hiring for Emotional Intelligence

Ensure the EQ alignment of the very best hires for your organization with this follow-on program on Mastering Emotional Intelligence – Level 1. This EQ based program is designed for recruiters, HR, L&D and hiring managers. The Level 1is an in-person or virtually led one-day session which covers how to screen, interview, and successfully evaluate a candidate’s emotional intelligence skills.

Features & Design

  • Full-day program on Mastering Emotional Intelligence Level 1- facilitated on-site or virtually through a TalentSmart accredited  expert facilitator.
  • Assessment for this program is recommended but optional
  • Discover how EQ is used in the hiring process, and explore what high and low EQ look and sound like at your organization.
  • Practice EQ interview questions that reveal high or low EQ, and create custom EQ interview questions that fit the culture at your organization.
  • Learn how to identify candidates with high EQ, and how to train for detecting evidence of low EQ behaviors to avoid unfit and toxic hires.
  • Learn how to identify and evaluate EQ skills both inside and outside of the formal interview to maximize a successful hiring process.

Benefits & Outcomes

  • A tried and tested screening, interviewing, and evaluating process for candidates with 12 EQ interview questions and 3 custom EQ questions.
  • Facilitates a culture of EQ at your organization – at the very start – the hiring process.
  • Maximizes the hiring process by including emotional intelligence as part of screening, interviewing, and evaluating.
  • Enhance the EQ development throughout your organization.
  • Improved work culture and job satisfaction by setting the value of EQ throughout your organization.
  • Developed team EQ skills that allow teams to become more efficient and effective on the job.

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