Equipping sales professionals to succeed in this new healthcare environment means ensuring they have the specific skills, strategies, tools, and best practices to move through each phase of their pursuit. This includes gaining access to key stakeholders, identifying business opportunities aligned with customer and patient needs and conducting successful clinical and business conversations that win and expand business. Learn more how we help pharmaceutical sales representatives deliver a customer-oriented buying experience that drives market share and sales results.

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The MedTech environment has changed dramatically, and successful sales professionals need to be armed with the latest approaches and thinking in order to connect with their clients and drive consensus. This is especially true in today’s multi-stakeholder decision making environment that includes an increasing number of influencers and decision makers. Learn more about how we equip MedTech sales professionals to be proactive in bringing relevant ideas and asking better, smarter questions that add value to provide an excellent customer buying experience that drives results and repeat business.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Communication between sales professionals and HCPs has gone from sporadic to almost non-existent as the healthcare industry experiences increasing stress associated with the global pandemic response. In time, these dialogues will slowly resume. However, sales professionals cannot wait. Learn how we help life sciences companies navigate the changing landscape of healthcare to increase patient care and drive business outcomes.

Bringing Crisis Relevant Solutions to Healthcare Professionals

The circumstances of today have intensified the demands placed on healthcare professionals (HCPs), leading to a “rapidly growing imbalance between supply and demand for medical resources in many countries,” according to The New England Journal of Medicine. This problem will likely persist as “diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive interventions will also be scarce,” continues the research.

Therefore, sales professionals need to rethink their approach in selling to over-worked HCPs or HCPs returning to work who need solutions that address immediate challenges.

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How Healthcare Sales Professionals Can Adapt & Thrive

Adapting to this environment means becoming more strategic about the design of a value proposition. Sales professionals need to isolate only the most relevant aspects of their solution and articulate value in a way that acknowledges current needs. Identifying the most pertinent benefits of a product or service means first understanding the specific challenges healthcare professionals face today.

However, understanding those challenges has become increasingly difficult. Whether virtually or in person, the frequency of communication between sales professionals and HCPs has become inconsistent and characterized by long periods of silence. The high-pressure environment of today allows almost no time to explore customer needs. Sales professionals are in the dark. Paradoxically, the dialogue between sales professionals and HCPs is diminishing at a time when HCPs are in the greatest need of new and effective healthcare solutions.

Current Challenges for HCP’s

Three of the most pressing challenges we are seeing HCPs battling in today’s environment are:

  • HCPs need solutions with rapid, “push-button” implementation: It’s not enough to have a relevant solution. It must also be fast. HCPs need to know that the benefits of the solution can be realized when they need them. Sales professionals must adapt to this norm by articulating how their solution can yield early results.
  • HCPs are busy and expect evidence-based selling: HCPs need the certainty of evidence-based solutions. Expectations to deliver solutions grounded in evidence are now amplified even more as HCPs expect representatives to provide information and guidance to navigate uncharted territory. Sales professionals must draw a straight line connecting the value message and solution by demonstrating the validity, significance and relevance of underlying clinical data.
  • HCP’s Schedule is more limited than ever: intensified challenges of gaining access to HCPs today is largely attributed to the upheaval of the global pandemic and the rise of the virtual engagement. Sales professionals need to tap into new skills not used in healthcare sales before. These skills include creating demand and stimulating the physician’s interest in an effort to earn a call.

Selling Healthcare Solutions

Selling healthcare solutions means addressing HCPs that are increasingly inaccessible and have high expectations for interactions with sales professionals. Embracing this setting means developing an evidence-based approach to selling that works within the emerging regulatory framework of the industry while delivering focused messaging over virtual channels. While these changes appear restrictive, they also clarify the path forward. Sales professionals willing to adapt will be well-positioned to outperform competitors because they will offer a truly value-added experience.

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