ROI Certification Program

The ROI Certification® Program is the most comprehensive way to gain the skills, resources, and knowledge to measure the value of projects and programs of all types – down to the financial return on investment (ROI). The program includes a five-day course surrounding the ROI Methodology®, a systematic approach to program evaluation that is proven to deliver accurate and credible results. After the course you will receive one-on-one support as you conduct your first Impact/ROI Study in your own organization. Upon demonstrating competency in applying the ROI Methodology, you will join an elite group of professionals with the designation of Certified ROI Professional® (CRP).


ROI Certification has been pre-approved by Training Industry for 24 continuing education recertification hours toward the Certified Professional in Training Management credential.


ROI Certification has been approved for 36 HR (General) re-certification credit hours toward aPHR™, PHR®, PHRca®, SPHR®, GPHR®, PHRi™ and SPHRi™ re-certification through HR Certification Institute® (HRCI®)

ROI Certification Overview

  • Apply the ROI Methodology® to a program in your own organization
  • Get detailed, first-hand experience with every step
  • Learn how to measure the contribution of a variety of performance improvement programs
  • Learn how to calculate ROI
  • Learn how to enhance program results and improve ROI
  • Discover how to translate intangible benefits into monetary values
  • Practice presenting results of an ROI study
  • Determine data collection techniques, timing, and methods
  • Choose appropriate strategies for isolating the effects of programs
  • Convert impact measures to monetary values
  • Analyze data and calculate the actual financial ROI
  • Present results to a variety of audiences
  • Pre-Work: Identify a project for ROI Evaluation. Prepare for the basics.
  • Educational Session: Five days of content rich, interactive sessions. The focus is on your project evaluation.
  • Virtual Assistance: One-on-one help with your ROI Evaluation. Review and approval of your ROI Study.
  • Right to Use Materials in Your Organization: You have the right to reproduce and use materials as you build capability in measurement and evaluation.
  • Certified ROI Professional® (CRP) Designation: Earn this unique sought-after credential.

Anyone who needs the skills to measure the impact of learning and performance improvement programs. Individuals who need to demonstrate the ROI and business impact of other initiatives such as human resources, quality, process improvement, organizational change, and technology implementation will also benefit.

Certification Benefits

  • A comprehensive learning program
  • Detailed workbook, reference book, textbook
  • Job aids, tools, and templates
  • Access to digital copies of published case studies
  • Virtual support through live group coaching
  • Review and feedback of evaluation study
  • Issuance of Certified ROI Professional designation
  • Membership to ROI Institute members-only website complete with tools, templates, resources
  • Right to use materials internally
  • Access to ROI Network

As an additional benefit, you’ll become a member of the ROI Network, the leading resource on the application of the ROI Methodology around the world. As a member of the network, you will be an authorized practitioner of the ROI Methodology and entitled to give one-day workshops in your own organization. You will also have access to the Members Only area of our website with access to additional tools and resources shared within the ROI Network community.

This program has been approved for 37.5 (HR General) re-certification credit hours toward PHR, SPHR and GPHR re-certification through the HR Certification Institute.

Four Ways to Participate in ROI Certification

This is the standard approach to ROI Certification. Participants will attend a public, five-day session. The five-day program is a comprehensive learning experience delivered in a classroom environment.
The approach includes prework to help you prepare for ROI Certification; participation in the live learning sessions; a workbook, tools, templates, books, and job aids; virtual assistance to help you complete your ROI evaluation project; and the right to use and reproduce ROI Institute materials within in your organization. This approach is described in more detail in our ROI Certification Brochure.

After the classroom sessions, you will receive one-on-one, virtual support as you conduct your first Impact/ROI Study in your own organization. Upon demonstrating competency in applying the ROI Methodology, you will join an elite group of professionals who have earned the designation of Certified ROI Professional (CRP).
When a large organization with the goal of implementing this process sends only one person to ROI Certification, the task for that individual can be daunting. While success is possible, it often becomes challenging. A better approach would be to send a team to ROI Certification. This is the recommended approach for organizations that want to build serious evaluation capability quickly. Implementing the ROI Methodology involves adjusting certain processes, procedures, and policies.

New programs must be aligned with business needs, objectives must be set at five different levels, and all stakeholders will have a role in making programs work. These changes affect the entire team. It is often difficult for one person to influence change within the larger group. Sending a team prevents one person from being a lonely voice, trying to convince others to change without the support of the team.

For example, recently in Amsterdam, a team of seven managers and professionals from the National Forensic Institute (NFI) of the Netherlands attended an open-enrollment certification session facilitated by Dr. Patti Phillips. The NFI team members indicated that the team approach was the only way to make a change that significant successful. The key people necessary to make this endeavor effective worked together and made the ROI implementation successful.

To help facilitate training your team, discounts are available when two or more team members attend certification. If the team is large enough, it may be better to invest in the next option, an Internal Certification.

The three-day certification program is designed to meet the needs of today’s busy professional. This option is a blended learning approach delivered in the following phases:

  1. The process will begin with prework and a five-hour on-line session called “ROI Boot Camp.” This will educate participants with the basics of ROI.
  2. Two online sessions will be conducted during the prework period. The first session will occur approximately three weeks before the class to introduce the program. The second session will occur one week before the class to make assignments for the next phase.
  3. The certification process will continue with three, eight-hour days of thorough, comprehensive, and in-person training. Expect homework after each session.
  4. Following the in-person learning, participants will meet online with the entire group for two to three sessions to present the plans for their impact studies.
  5. Individual virtual support and feedback are available to participants as they pursue and complete their ROI study.
  6. After the evaluation study is completed, it will be reviewed and approved by the ROI Institute.
  7. The Certified ROI Professional (CRP) designation is issued after the evaluation study is approved.

While this option is designed to meet the many pressing needs of today’s hectic schedules, it is also designed to ensure that participants achieve the Certified ROI Professional (CRP) designation.

Many organizations opt to invest in an Internal ROI Certification where ROI implementation involves large numbers or multiple groups from different functional areas. When the number of participants reaches six to eight, it becomes cost-effective to invest in an internal certification. The fee per participant is effectively half the open-enrollment certification rate when the group reaches 15 to 20 participants.

In addition to cost savings and efficiency, internal certification allows participants in the organization to concentrate on their situation, programs, and projects. In open enrollment offerings, participants attend from many different organizations, and some projects discussed are not relevant to others. Also, some critical information may be confidential or proprietary; it is easier to discuss this type of information in an internal certification.

An internal focus is also helpful for planning ROI implementation. This is particularly important when the manager or executive responsible for the team is involved in the session and decisions can be made during the workshop about building capability and awareness, the use of technology, preferred methods of data collection, roles and responsibilities, and reporting results. The outcome is not only the skill development for the team but the formulation of the evaluation strategy.

Some individuals prefer to learn in a guided self-study environment. This option includes a combination of reading assignments, exercises, and online learning offered through the ROI Institute. Guided by an ROI facilitator, the participant reads the materials, books, and case studies; prepares the assignments; completes the exercises; completes a quiz; submits an impact study; and ultimately achieves certification.

A study guide has been developed to include all the materials that would normally be used in the live certification process. Certification can be granted by paying a fee, completing the self-study program, completing a comprehensive exam, and submitting an ROI study along with some evidence of implementation in the organization. This option is tailored to the individual based on previous experiences and future needs.

In some cases, individuals have attended eLearning programs or live workshops in the past and have read several articles or books written by ROI Institute authors. These individuals consider themselves to be qualified in the ROI Methodology, and they want to achieve the ROI Certification to validate what they have learned and can accomplish. However, these individuals are still required to complete an exam and submit an ROI study to meet the requirements for achieving the Certified ROI Professional (CRP) designation.

The first step is to take the exam and if successful, submit an ROI study for approval. The study reviewer will provide feedback for adjustments only once. If the subsequent and final study meets the standards of the ROI Institute, certification will be granted. This is an expedited way for those individuals who have developed capability in a very deliberate and successful self-study program.

Optional concurrent one-on-one coaching is available, as some individuals may need more help. For more information, please contact the ROI Institute team.

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