Generating Creativity in your Organization

Managers and organizations routinely complain that they lack the creativity and innovation they need to be competitive.  Most managers do not know how to generate that kind of creativity.  Participants in this session learn and practice a process that encourages everyone on the team to bring their best—their most creative—ideas to bear on the challenges they face.  As a result of using this process effectively, not only will individuals and teams reach better solutions, they will help entire organizations produce the kind of  exceptional results they are looking for.

Avoiding the Traps; Mastering the Challenges

As managers know, having a good process is only half of what is needed.  The other half  is knowing how to use the process properly.  In this session, participants will discover the traps that can prevent effective use of this process, especially the mental patterns that lead to the sorts of traditional answers we have always produced, and prevent us from being fully creative.  Participants will learn alternative ways of thinking about challenges that yield very different results.

Identifying and Selecting the Best Opportunities

When managers are able to generate creative solutions, the next great obstacle to implementation is knowing what to do with all the creative solutions from which they can choose.  Here participants learn and practice what it takes to move from the openness and freedom required for real creativity to the judgment needed to identify those options most likely to produce  the kind of success the manager was hoping for in the first place.

Using the Right Tools—Experimenting and Improving

Managers know they aren’t always right—mistakes are part of management.  Managers also know they can’t always figure out why they were wrong.  Participants in this session experience a set of tools for experimenting with new solutions.  They also learn a process for applying the lessons of their experiments for improving on their solutions and the process they use to reach them.

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