A program for salespeople that follows a robust structured process of engaging with customers in a buyer-centric sales conversation through the sales cycle from preparation before the first contact to closing the sales. Consultative selling skills help the salesperson position himself as a trusted partner or advisor during the sales conversation


  • Create a customised and focused consultative selling approach for the organisation
  • Develop a consultative mindset and skillset that is grounded in customer-focused consultative dialogue and relationship
  • Leverage power of seven essential selling skills to develop trust and openness, uncover customer needs and opportunities, communicate in a persuasive way and close profitable business
  • Create and communicate a strong value proposition which is customized and generates competitive advantage
  • Increase sales results

Who should attend

  • Salespeople who have sales experience of more than 12 months
  • Experienced salespeople
  • Sales Managers, Business Development managers and Channel Managers
  • Key Account Managers

Learning Outcomes

  • Be effective in the role of a consultative sales professional
  • Apply the structured process, tools and techniques to have meaningful and effective sales conversations and advance the sales
  • Clearly diagnose and understand the needs, motivations and opportunities, both stated and unstated
  • Identify and communicate the best solution in a compelling way
  • Effectively position your product/ service which adds value for the customer
  • Negotiating a profitable close

Business and Organisation Impact

  • Develop consultative sales culture that is focused on client’s needs
  • Drive revenue growth by impacting close rate
  • Uncover and execute new opportunities
  • Reduce sales cycle
  • Create competitive advantage through consultative sales culture

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    *Sales & leadership training for corporate groups only.

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      *Sales & leadership training for corporate groups only.