2.5-Day ILT Workshop; Five 4-hour VILT Workshops; Pre and Post Digital Learning


Sales Professionals, Sales Managers


VILT, Instructor-led, Digital, Blended Learning

Solution Selling® Training Provides a Clear Path to Buyer, Seller Alignment and Sales Success

Today’s sales professionals need to know how to address every stage of the sales process. Building the skills to do so begins with the sales professional’s ability to understand their customer’s most critical business issue, problem, or potential missed opportunity. Today, those pain points and missed opportunities are more prominent as businesses attempt to navigate the uncertainty of a strained economy.

Solution Selling® in the Collaborative Era (SS-TCE) is a high-performance sales execution methodology that helps sales professionals tap into their customer’s pain points by employing processes, tools, and critical skills development to keep the customer as the focus of every sales engagement.

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The Solution Selling® Training Program

Solution Selling® in the Collaborative Era provides sellers with a clear map that the right things will be accomplished in the right manner. at the right time, with the right buyers, resulting in increased sales productivity and revenues. SS-TCE is a catalyst for developing and maintaining a high performance sales culture – not only for the sales team, but for marketing, operations, customer support, and other operating groups within the company.

Solution Selling® Training Program Business Benefits

Solution Selling® training enables selling professionals to substantively increase win rates and revenue production by:

  • Providing higher and differentiating value to buyers – not only by what they sell, but more importantly, by how they engage with customers
  • Anticipating and mitigating buyer risks, and provide a clear path to a decision
  • Minimizing discounts and concessions to protect margins at the close
  • Managing sales pipelines and territories to ensure consistent revenue production
  • Collaborating as equals with buyers throughout the selling process, and advising them effectively and efficiently to a good buying decision and business outcome

Key Areas Of Content:

To succeed, sales professionals must align with the preferences and behaviors of modern empowered buyers. Solution Selling® provides a clear map for effective buyer engagement, so sales professionals can quickly determine how potential customers have progressed on their buying journey, and how to adjust selling interactions to provide the most value. Dynamically aligning actions with buyers’ priorities and needs enables sales professionals to differentiate themselves not only by what they sell, but also by how they sell.

Surpassing sales goals requires identifying or developing a sufficient number of opportunities, and maintaining consistent amounts of qualified potential business. Effective lead generation with modern buyers requires mastery of specialized skills and methods that stimulate prospects’ curiosity and interest, and result in meaningful engagement. Solution Selling® provides proven methods and tools that enable sales professionals to build and maintain pipelines of opportunities that ensure consistent levels of results.

Modern buyers expect sales professionals to bring value from the first moment of engagement. Solution Selling® provides sales professionals with tools and methods for planning and executing impactful conversations, enabling them to create clear visions of differentiating capabilities that provide unique value to buyers. Further, Solution Selling® provides practical templates for post-call follow-up, ensuring ongoing engagement with customers.

The number of people involved in evaluating a potential purchase continues to increase, and sales professionals must know how to navigate buying organizations and help them to achieve consensus. Failure to connect with people with influence and authority, and to address myriads of decision criteria, results in buyers choosing to do nothing and remain with the status quo. Solution Selling® provides sales professionals with methods to gain access to people with power, develop trust and credibility, and build buyers’ agreement on a solution’s value.

Selling to modern buyers requires the ability to mitigate perceptions of risk in the buying decision. Solution Selling® provides methods and tools that enable sales professionals to identify and eliminate operational, financial and transitional obstacles preventing buyers from moving forward to a purchase decision. In so doing, Solution Selling® equips sales professionals to collaborate effectively with buyers, guiding them in useful ways to creating new value.

Making a final purchase decision is often difficult for buyers, but sales professionals can make this much easier if they are skilled in effective negotiation and closing. Solution Selling® provides sales professionals with methods and tools for determining when an opportunity is ready to close, planning effective final negotiations, and securing business as a valuable exchange for both the buying and selling organizations.

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