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Improve Forecasting and Pipeline Visibility With Sales Management Training

Sales managers need a repeatable, easy-to-master process for quickly reviewing their team’s sales pipelines and opportunities to provide meaningful and objectively-based coaching that improves their sales team skills.

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Richardson Sales Performance’s Sales Management and Coaching Training Program

The Sales Management and Coaching training program provides an overview of common sales management challenges and teaches sales managers to overcome them. In the training program, your sales management team learns how to analyze opportunities and then engage their sellers in an effective opportunity review coaching conversations.

They learn how to perform a pipeline review to identify the potential yield of current opportunities, recognize stuck opportunities, and find ways to close gaps in individual seller’s pipes.

Your sales managers will also develop skills and a plan to support the implementation of new processes and methodologies across the organization. The result is a repeatable process illustrated in the image below.

Business Benefits of the Sales Management and Coaching Training Program

Organization’s whose sales managers have completed the program will improve their business outcomes by:

  • Improving sales pipeline forecast accuracy
  • Improving the ability of sales leadership to make investment decisions
  • Reducing costs and improving profitability
  • Embedding a repeatable process for sales performance throughout the organization

Key Areas Of Content:

To ensure consistent achievement of goals, sales professionals must develop and manage a volume of potential business sufficient to produce desired results within an allotted time. The Sales Management program includes analysis tools that help managers to evaluate the size, quality and velocity of sales professionals’ pipelines and opportunities efficiently, and determine what specific actions are required to ensure confidence in surpassing sales objectives.

Effective coaching of sales professionals must be fact based and data driven. Analysis of pipelines and opportunities enables sales managers to identify the most relevant skill development opportunities for their people. The Sales Management program includes data driven methods and tools that enable managers to efficiently identify specific skills to be enhanced for each sales team member, and it provides prescriptive recommendations for addressing a spectrum of potential sales productivity challenges.

Sales managers must be able to estimate their teams’ anticipated results accurately, in order to provide correct information to their companies’ operations and leadership. The Sales Management program includes methods for tabulating forecasts of sales results with quality and precision.

High performing sales teams establish a regular cycle of continuous improvement. The Sales Management program provides the basis for a consistent cadence of sales inspection, review and coaching, and for establishing clear standards of selling quality and excellence.

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