An advanced program for sales professionals which is designed to understand the buyer’s journey and buying decision process, engage the buyer effectively at every stage of the journey through a customer-centric sales conversation to co-create a solution of value and collaborate with stakeholders in client organization to navigate deals quickly to profitable closure


  • Understand the different buying stages and relevant sales roles needed to align and engage with buyers during each stage of the buying decision process
  • Connect and build rapport with prospects using both social selling and conventional methods
  • Engage in effective sales conversations that help buyers develop clarity about problems and solutions
  • Collaborate with multiple stakeholders in buying organisation to co-create and agree on solution
  • Create customer-centric value and communicate individually with each stakeholder to advance the sale
  • Differentiate solution from competition and reduce risk during buying decision
  • How to negotiate and close deals while minimizing discounts
  • How to conduct objective evaluation of sales opportunities and take actions to close deals quickly

Who should attend

  • Salespeople in B2B industries and high-value direct B2C sales
  • Salespeople who deal with selling complex solutions using a range of products and services
  • Sales Managers, Business Development managers and Channel Managers
  • Key Account Managers

Learning Outcomes

  • Provide valuable business insight about how they can address buyers’ problems or capitalize on a potential opportunity
  • Develop agility to rapidly understand each buyer’s state and align behaviourally at every stage of their buying decision process
  • Quickly understand each customer’s critical business issues, their causes and effects
  • Identify the influencers and locus of power in each buying decision process
  • Engage in meaningful sales conversations that help buyers develop a clear vision of solutions to their problems
  • Collaboratively quantify the value of potential solutions with buyers
  • Anticipate and mitigate buyer risks, and provide a clear path to a decision
  • Minimize discounts and concessions to protect margins at the close

Business and Organisation Impact

  • Find enough opportunities to meet sales goals
  • Sales teams can compete and win more often
  • Organisation can sell a broader range of products and services
  • Increase the speed of advancing sales opportunities and close them sooner
  • Organization delivers higher levels of revenue and profit

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    *Sales & leadership training for corporate groups only.

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      *Sales & leadership training for corporate groups only.