Use this innovative approach to ensure that individuals development paths are clear and that they are on track to accomplish goals.


  • Identify common beliefs around delegation
  • Explore the Fierce context of delegation
  • Small group exercise discuss resistance to delegation


  • Go over the four areas on the Decision Tree with examples
  • Discuss delegation pitfalls
  • Small group exercise:
  1. Have participants explore first steps to using Decision Tree Model
  2. Encourage everyone to leave with a plan to free up time in order to take on projects or responsibilities that are the best use of their time
  3. Allow time for groups to practice conducting the conversations in their group
  • Debrief the Decision Tree Model and small group exercise as a class


  • Fill out My Decision Tree Form from the toolkit
  • Schedule a meeting with your supervisor
  • If applicable, have team members out My Decision Tree Form for themselves and then schedule at to review
  • Complete 5 Things to Do inside the Fierce Conversations toolkit
  • Explain what a “5 Things Buddy” is and practice

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