Executive Coaching Services for Senior Leaders

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn, rather than teaching them.”  – Sir John Whitmore

Executive Summary

Key Objectives

The specific coaching objectives for the Coachee will be determined in the diagnosis stage of the program. The coaching objectives will be incorporated with input from self-assessment and interviews with the Coachee’s line manager and key stakeholders. The program will have a significant impact on the Coachee’s performance and provide a positive return on investment.  However, should you wish to increase or reduce the scope of the program, we would be pleased to discuss.

Why Choose Talsuccess?

Stringent Coaching Standards

We are passionate about the integrity of our Executive Coaches. Talsuccess Executive coaches must fulfill 5 requirements and show their coaching competence via an assessment before they are selected to become Talsuccess professional ICF/WABC™ coaches (These standards can be seen on slide 5). Therefor you can be assured of the highest quality and caliber of coaches.

Coaching Management and Measurement

We manage the coaching program via a cloud-platform which will give you, the stakeholder, a view of the entire program life-cycle; from the chemistry meeting process, through each coaching stage, to review meeting/s, assignments completed as well as measurement of behavior change. The platform can be accessed at any time by you, to monitor/review/track the coaching progress and/or completion.

Global, Regional, and Local Reach

With over 80 Executive  Coaches and offices in 5 locations, we have access to a diverse and extensive pool of executive coaches to meet your coaching needs, whether it be individual, team or systems/group coaching.

Coaching Program for Senior Executive

Stage 1 : Preperation

The Coachee will meet with the recommended coach and will have the opportunity to discuss their coaching approaches. The Coach will also explain the coaching process to the Coachee and assess the responsiveness of the Coachee to being coached.

The Coach may request access to assessments conducted by Agilent which may provide insights into the Coachees’s traits and behaviors. Depending on the coaching topic, Talsuccess may recommend special targeted assessments, if required.

The Coach will initially interview the Coachee’s direct line manager.  The purpose of these interview is for the Coach to gain inputs and assess the Coachee’s strengths and areas for development and to understand better the context of the coaching.

This session is between the Coach and Coachee and is primarily for determining the coaching goals taking into consideration the information from the interviews and assessments plus the Coachee’s own ideas on where they should focus during the coaching. The coaching objectives will then be formalized and documented together with the Coachee.

An alignment meeting will be arranged between the Coachee, the Coachee’s direct line manager, the Coach and, optionally, the HR Business Partner. The purpose of this meeting is to align the coaching objectives to determine success of the coaching assignment.

Stage 2 : Coaching Sessions

The Coachee will receive a certain number of hours of coaching determined based on the scope of work and objectives to be achieved. The sessions are usually 90 mins in length. They extend over a period of seven to eight months.  At the end of each coaching session the Coachee will create a set of action points to be completed before the next session. In addition, the coach may also request the Coachee to complete certain tasks prior to the next session. It is important that the Coachee commits to the coaching and the completion of tasks.

This meeting after about half of the assignment will be arranged by the Coachee, and is between the Coachee, the Coachee’s Direct Line Manager, the Coach and, optionally the HR Business Partner. The purpose of this meeting is to reflect on the progress the Coachee has made towards the coaching objectives and to determine what actions are still needed to ensure objectives are achieved.

Stage 3 : Measurement

This is a tailor-made tool to measure visible changes observed by direct reports, and/or peers and potentially others.

There will be one final coaching session where the result of the 190/360 Degree assessments will be reviewed, and the Coach will help the Coachee with plans for future development and actions.

This meeting at the end of the assignment will be arranged by the Coachee, and is between the Coachee, the Coachee’s Direct Line Manager, the Coach and, optionally the HR Business Partner. The purpose of this meeting is to share observations of achieved positive changes and to determine any next steps, if needed.

There will be a closing meeting between Progress-U Account Manager and HR to review the coaching success and if any extension will be required.

Coach Management Platform

Secure and cloud-based

View entire assignment

Monitor progress and impact of the coaching engagement

Your Investment

Stage 1

• Chemistry check

• 1 x 45 min Interview with line manager

• 1 x 60 min Debriefing and goal setting session with Coachee

• 1 x 30 min three/four-way alignment review

Stage 2

• 10 hours Executive Coaching sessions

• Progress Report

• 1 x 60 min four-way mid-term review

Stage 3

• 180/360 survey about 2-3 months after closing session to measure progress

• Progress Report

• Final Coaching Session

• 1 x 60 Mins three/four-way final-term meeting

• Closing meeting – Talsuccess Account Handler and HR

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