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Meeting Customer Needs with Expanded Solutions in Retail Banking

Research from PwC shows that more than two-thirds of business leaders in the financial services sector “believe they are at risk of losing business to standalone FinTech companies.” This threat is compounded by additional competition from:

  • The emergence of national banking charters from non-depository companies.
  • The rise of the $25+ billion marketplace lending platform industry.
  • The expansion of financial services available from major companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon.

Enhanced Service for Retail Banking Training Program Brochure

To overcome these challenges retail banks must access the full potential of their service professionals. This group is uniquely positioned to render a dimensional picture of the customer’s needs. This capability outpaces the flat reading of customer needs through fintech data that is “context-blind.” Retail banking professionals are privy to the customer’s concerns, needs, and interests. They have a read on the customer’s tone and emotions. Effective retail banking professionals use this detail to discover unexpected value for customers.

Richardson Sales Performance’s Enhanced Service for Retail Banking program prepares professionals to deliver on these capabilities by:

  • Executing customer service that rises to the level of a competitive advantage.
  • Shifting their mindset to view sales to add additional value to the customer.
  • Positioning additional services and products as part of the solution.

Richardson Sales Performance’s customization process means that our training addresses the real world, ground level challenges seen in retail banking today.

“The framework of consultative selling and the six critical skills make sense. The program made you stop and think of what you are saying. Thank you for such a valuable tool. The scenarios and tools provided by the instructor were great because they can be utilized in a real world setting in front of a client and were helpful.” — Eastern Bank Sales Training Participant


At Richardson Sales Performance we customize training programs to the specific challenges of each business. We use information learned from extensive executive interviews to inform the design of the training material. The concepts and practices learned are immediately applicable to the next sale in the pipeline.

This level of customization provides participants with meaningful skills that drive revenue goals. Additionally, the experience becomes more engaging because it speaks to the learner’s true needs. Moreover, leaders adopt a specialized framework that can deployed at scale across the organization.

Training Programs for Retail Banking Professionals

Enhanced Service for Retail Banking

Participants learn to adopt a new mindset in which exceptional customer service involves positioning additional solutions. Retail bank service professionals participate in the growth of the business by personalizing the customer service experience and sparking the customer’s interest in a wider array of services and products.

Consultative Selling

The consultative sales training program gives retail bank service professionals a consistent, repeatable process to more effectively connect their solutions to the customer’s unique set of banking needs. Participants learn the Six Critical Skills which support the Consultative Selling framework, helping retail banking service professionals reveal and address the customer’s underlying needs and unaddressed risk.

Consultative Inside Sales

Retail bank service professionals learn to differentiate themselves from the competition with a constant focus on satisfying the customer’s needs. Leaders benefit from a shared selling language in which each retail bank service professional follows a consistent set of best practices for engaging with customers over the phone.

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