The Pontefract Group, founded by Dan Pontefract, is a firm that aims to improve the state of leadership and organizational culture. It offers a variety of services including organizational culture and leadership assessments, organizational design/redesign, executive consulting as well as team workshops. You might also be interested in Dan Pontefract’s engaging keynotes, too.

Dan Pontefract is a leadership strategist, keynote speaker,  best-selling author and he founded the Pontefract Group in 2014.

The four books he authored, LEAD. CARE. WIN.OPEN TO THINKTHE PURPOSE EFFECT, and FLAT ARMY, are all critically acclaimed and best-sellers.

Course Overview

There are only two kinds of leadership in this world: leading self and leading others. It’s that simple, only two. Your ultimate goal is to master and deliver on them both. Now, more than ever, how you lead yourself and others might become the defining moment of your leadership career. It’s time to care about your leadership style. It’s time to make some improvements in how you treat others.
Based on best-selling author Dan Pontefract’s book, “Lead. Care. Win. How to Become a Leader Who Matters,” there are nine key leadership lessons that make up a leader who matters. Considerate and engaging leaders—ones who fully understand the critical importance of crafting meaningful, respectful relationships among all stakeholders—are leaders who know how to handle not only crises, but they work more effectively with others to achieve the goals of the organization.
Every human interaction is crucial. Every exchange can be mutually beneficial. The 9 leadership lessons in this course center on your willingness to:

  • Be relatable and empathetic
  • Act not out of ego but out of purpose.
  • Share knowledge to build a wise organization.
  • Stay present and attentive to the needs of others
  • Embrace change and the opportunity for growth it offers
  • Stay curious and adopt lifelong learning
  • Think and act with clarity
  • Commit to balance and inclusivity in all your dealings
  • Act with humility and thoughtfulness

When you care enough to champion others, the workplace becomes happily engaged and your organization benefits in more ways than one. It’s how to become a leader who matters.

Lessons Outline

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      *Sales & leadership training for corporate groups only.