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Open Doors to New Opportunities with Strategic Prospecting Training

Sales professionals need strategic prospecting skills to gain access to new accounts and senior decision-makers to grow business. Oftentimes, they only get one chance to do it right. To be successful, sales professionals need training to learn how to build trust, add value, and create a foundation for a win-win relationship.

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Richardson Sales Performance’s Consultative Sales Prospecting Training Program

The Consultative Sales Prospecting training program is a needs-, dialogue-, and value-based relationship approach to pursuing opportunities. The strategic prospecting training program includes an exploration of four powerful elements that will increase your effectiveness in gaining access to prospect opportunities. It provides a collection of dialogue models that train your sales team to effectively position value, earn new customer appointments, access senior decision makers, and leverage contacts for referrals.

Sales Prospecting Training Program Business Benefits

Upon completing the sales prospecting training program, your sales team will experience the following business benefits:

  • Increase in the number of successful new contacts made and meetings scheduled
  • Building and expanding relationships by reaching senior decision makers
  • Generating more leads by better leveraging referral sources

Key Areas Of Content:

We teach your sales professionals how to build and deliver a value statement, a structured message that links your capabilities to a known or potential customer issue to increase persuasiveness, to be used in prospecting efforts. Customers can and will disengage quickly and easily if they don’t perceive a benefit or feel that there is a reason to continue speaking with your sales professionals.

We equip sales professionals with a roadmap for quickly gaining the customer’s interest and demonstrating credibility to increase their success in gaining agreement to a meeting. In this program, we teach them to be prepared to gain the customer’s attention quickly.

We teach your sales professionals how to gain a current contact’s agreement to arrange a meeting with a senior-level decision maker. In this program, we increase the sales professional’s chance of getting a meeting with these senior-level decision makers by teaching them how to articulate a compelling reason for the introduction that shows value and minimizes risk to their contact.

As a part of this program, we teach sales professionals a roadmap to ask a current contact for a referral to another contact. We teach them that how they ask influences the chances of successfully obtaining a referral. We ensure they leverage positive experiences and positioning benefits to help foster trust and increase receptivity to giving the referral.

Our content is grounded in behavioral science. The focus on behavioral science across our program matters because we know that buyers make decisions based on both logic and emotion, an important and often overlooked component both buying and selling. In fact, the emotion component of buying overrides the logical one. Sales professionals familiar with behavioral science concepts improve their ability to connect with customers because they have a greater understanding of their customer’s biases and their own. This helps them to more objectively evaluate opportunities and challenges, avoid aggressive behaviors, and reach their goals.

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