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Richardson Sales Performance is the global leader in sales training and performance improvement. We drive accelerated growth by simplifying and solving the sales-growth equation. From ensuring your sales managers are executing the right activities to equipping your sales team to drive a buyer-aligned sales process with exceptional skills and strategies, we will guide your sales organization through a digitally-enabled performance journey that excites, engages and reveals results.

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Sales professionals need strategic prospecting skills to gain access to new accounts and senior decision-makers to grow business. Oftentimes, they only get one chance to do it right. To be successful, sales professionals need training to learn how to build trust, add value, and create a foundation for a win-win relationship.

Solution Messaging

Sales and marketing professionals need more than a strong product to drive business. They need a strong message to differentiate their solution from the competition. The Solution Messaging training program teaches a repeatable and reliable methodology that enables sales professionals and marketers to develop messages for their products and services that clearly demonstrate the ways their offerings solve customer problems and create value.

Consultative Inside Sales

Automated sales tools have created new efficiencies for field and inside sales teams. These solutions make it possible to reach more customers without in-person meetings or travel. Success with this model cannot come from volume alone. More customer conversations will not move the needle unless you provide your team with sales training for telesales that equips them with skills and strategies to drive value in each interaction.

Six Critical Skills

Traditional competitive advantages are eroding in today’s setting of widely available technology. As a result, soft skills are a way to elevate the value of the business and the quality of interactions with customers. The ability to be conversational, adaptable, and apply critical thinking is one of the best ways for your salespeople to differentiate themselves in the market.

Solution Selling

Today’s sales professionals need to know how to address every stage of the sales process. Building the skills to do so begins with the sales professional’s ability to understand their customer’s most critical business issue, problem, or potential missed opportunity. Today, those pain points and missed opportunities are more prominent as businesses attempt to navigate the uncertainty of a strained economy.

Consultative Selling

Today’s buyers are savvy, but they need sales professionals to help them diagnose their needs and identify solutions that drive desired business results. Your sales team needs consultative sales training to empower them to create value in the buying experience and differentiate themselves from the competition.

Virtual Selling

Our current operating environment demands a shift in the way we engage with and sell to customers. We no longer have the benefit of meeting and connecting face to face – options we perhaps took for granted in developing relationships and trust. The way we prepared for, engaged in, and followed up on customer dialogues and selling opportunities must adapt. Sales professionals must be equipped to break the artificial barrier that exists..

Channel Partner Management

For organizations that use indirect channels sales partners for all or part of their revenues, Channel Partner Managers (CPMs) play an essential part of those companies’ success. Unfortunately, in working with our clients, we find that the role of the CPM is often defined too vaguely. Without clear guidance, a CPM will spend too much of their time simply reacting to partner requests, instead of working proactively to develop and maximize channel partner sales results.


Sales professionals today must work harder than ever to reach the final stage in pursuing a sale: the negotiation. Therefore, the urge to close can overwhelm other considerations – namely, price. In the moment, many sellers concede to pricing pressure, rather than explore the customer’s underlying needs to protect the value of the sale. To protect the value of the sale, professionals must build skills through sales and negotiation training that enable them to convert demands into needs. Demands are inflexible. Needs can be addressed in ways that protect pricing..

Presentation Skills

Your sales professionals need to make a compelling case to get customers to act. While this can occur at any point in the sales process, a sales presentation is often the best opportunity to clearly lay out the case for change. Richardson Sales Performance’s Sales Presentation Skills training program helps sales teams win business by delivering a high-impact, customer-focused presentations that actively involve their customers.

Evidence Based Solution Selling

As a sales professional, using stories fosters dialogues that ultimately inspire and motivate customers to take action. Building storytelling skills helps sales professionals create momentum that leads to identifying and closing more opportunities. Implementing both a process and the skills needed to tell an effective story will enable your sales organization to overcome the status quo, make emotional connections, and highlight important issues.

Major Account Planning

Major Account Planning provides account managers with a repeatable and practical methodology for winning more business in strategic accounts and elevating the level of relationship within those accounts. The outcomes of this methodology are higher levels of sales revenue, a greater share of spend within the account, and more efficient use of resources, thereby, lowering cost of sales and improving margins on business in that account.

Enhance Service through Consultative Sales

Service professionals have unmatched insight into customers. Information learned on a service call reveals details about the customer’s concerns, needs, and interests. The customer’s tone, inflection, and word choice give the service professional a deep level of detail not seen elsewhere. Therefore, customer service professionals are an untapped resource for organizations seeking to use these details to deliver unexpected value.

Developmental Sales Coaching

Sales coaching training is an undisputed means of driving impact. However, great coaching is counter-intuitive. A sales coach needs training to understand the barriers and resistance to coaching and then build skills to effectively improve performance.

Sales & Pipeline Management

Sales managers need a repeatable, easy-to-master process for quickly reviewing their team’s sales pipelines and opportunities to provide meaningful and objectively-based coaching that improves their sales team skills.

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