Use the Fierce Conversations team model to transform your team into a high-functioning internal think tank.


  • Discuss the typical organizational structure and decision making process
  • Explore the 4 Objectives of a Fierce team conversation
  • Introduce the beach ball as an analogy for a team conversation and the value of gaining a variety of diverse viewpoints in decision making
  • Discuss common pitfalls of working without collaboration


  • Walk through the Beach Ball Preparation Form
  • Explore who to invite and how to prepare for a beach boll conversation
  • Each participant will fill in their own Beach Ball Preparation Form using a real life issue or opportunity that would benefit from multiple perspectives
  • Small group exercise after selecting a leader, participants will practice a beach ball conversation.using the leader’s real life situation or apportunity that would benefit from multiple competing viewpoints
  • Group debrief


  • Identify current issue or opportunity that would benefit from multiple. competing perspectives
  • Schedule a beach ball conversation and invite participants
  • Send out related questions ahead of time (if appropriate)
  • Make best possible decisions for your organization

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