A program to enable salespersons develop the fundamental selling skills which results in an effective and engaging conversation with customers, to identify their needs, position a compelling value proposition and close the sale profitably


  • Raise the quality of interactions with customers
  • Learn how to engage customers in a consultative dialogue
  • Build good relations with prospects and customers
  • Understand the needs and opportunities of customers
  • Provide compelling proposition which is differentiated and adds value
  • Close negotiations profitably

Who should attend

  • Anybody who is new to the sales role
  • Experienced salespeople who want to develop their basic selling skills
  • Anybody in customer-facing roles like Service, Technical sales or Sales Support who wants to develop selling skills

Learning Outcomes

  • Carry out customer conversations more effectively
  • Increase confidence and credibility through a strong presence
  • Better ability to connect with customers both at emotional and cognitive level through rapport building and empathic listening
  • Ask insightful questions to gain complete understanding of needs and opportunities
  • Effectively position your product/ service which adds value for the customer
  • Confirming alignment and agreement to the proposal
  • Negotiating a profitable close

Business and Organisation Impact

  • Positive impact on performance and spirits of the sales team
  • Agility to meet the needs of changing customer demands in a changing environment
  • Create a differentiation with competition in the way salespeople interact and deeply understand the needs of customers
  • Develop uniform and consistent skills across the organization to ensure consistent performance improvement

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    *Sales & leadership training for corporate groups only.

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      *Sales & leadership training for corporate groups only.