The Fierce Conversations Confrontation Model enriches relationships while effectively addressing attitudinal, behavioral or performance issues with a colleague, a team or a challenging customer.


  • Identify current confrontation conversations
  • Discuss bad habits around confrontation
  • Explore the Fierce context around confrontation


  • Introduce and explore The Confrontation Model
  • Learn the 60 Second Opening Statement
  • Small group exercise:
  1. Have each participant draft their own 60 Second Opening Statement using a real life issue
  2. Ask each participant to practice reading their 60 Second Opening Statement with a partner (in complete confidentiality)
  • Debrief as a group
  • Identify and discuss common reactions to confrontation
  • Explore connection between The 7 Principles and the interaction phase of confrontation
  • Discuss where to go from here-resolving the conversation and final steps of confrontation conversations
  • Discuss working towards a resolution
  • Explore Confrontation “on-the-fly”


  • identify other confrontation conversations that need to take place-large or small
  • Schedule them and hold them
  • Be mindful of your triggers before the conversation
  • Remember to be an explorer, not a conquerer

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