Harness the Power of Sales Hiring Assessments to Select Top Sales Talent

Targeting Sales Aptitude Has Never Been Easier

The Omnia assessment, a simple but accurate personality test, provides companies with insight into the workplace aptitudes of candidates and employees. It’s fast (just 10-15 minutes) and easy, no confusing questions or irrelevant multiple-choice scenarios. It’s based on 35 years of extensive research in the prediction of behavioral characteristics through adjective checklists and psychometric analysis.

Omnia Sales Targets Are Designed to Help Companies Hire and Keep the Best

Our sales personality test and benchmarks are derived from practical research of sales roles using Omnia profiles of proven top performers across various industries, position competencies, years of consulting data, and job descriptions within our extensive database.

Complements an Organization’s Existing Sales Selection Strategies

The Omnia assessment provides an early glimpse into traits that may not be apparent until long after you hire someone. This way you can make more informed hiring decisions and boost sales performance.

One Quick Assessment. Eight Columns. Unlimited Potential.

Candidates who take the Omnia assessment choose words from a list of adjectives. The hiring manager receives a report with Omnia’s exclusive 8-column graph of the candidate’s workplace traits. These sales assessment test results compare candidates to your sales job. It can also be used to develop and coach existing sales staff.

The Omnia Sales Personality Test and Benchmarks

There’s nothing worse than a candidate who appears articulate and confident in the interview, but once on the job, just can’t close. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can teach the art of sales to someone who isn’t a natural seller. You may be able to coach them, but if they can’t bring themselves to close the deal, you’ve got a big problem.
Sales professionals generate revenue, and the ones with sustainable sales success share certain personality traits. Based on Omnia’s benchmark research, a Sales target has been established and proven to work time and time again.

Hire the Right Salespeople with the Omnia Sales Assessment Test!


It’s probably obvious that naturally assertive people bring in the most business. Most successful sales professionals have a high degree of assertiveness. They want to take charge of their earning destiny and gain financial rewards based on their individual successes. They are risk-takers, and this translates to comfort with negotiating, asking for a prospect’s business and having the majority of their pay commission driven.

Individuals With a High Degree of Assertiveness Are:

  • Competitive
  • Driven
  • Highly Ambitious

They would rather earn more for their accomplishments than work under a stable salary structure. It’s about being first and best.

You’ll see confidence for overcoming obstacles and influencing the actions and decisions of those around them.

Assertive salespeople can conquer resistance, firmly manage sales negotiations and proactively go for the close.

Communication and Problem-Solving Style

Believe it or not, this can often go either way. Picture sales like baking a cake; there are “ingredients” you need to produce a cake worth eating, like sugar and flour.

For sales, assertiveness is a necessary ingredient, but sociability and skepticism are sales flavors.

They impact the sales style, but they do not typically keep someone from selling.

Omnia’s Column 3 reflects sociability. Socially expressive sellers build rapport, nurture relationships and connect on a personal or emotional level with prospects.

Column 4 reflects analytical qualities. Analytical sellers build value, solve problems and connect with prospects through problem solving.

Both styles can be extremely valuable and both will appeal to certain types of prospects. Knowing what type of sales rep you have will help in so many ways, including areas for development and coaching.


Pace is another trait that is not a critical ingredient to sales ability but can be important depending on the pace of your office and the sales cycle of your product/service. Most successful sales professionals are fast paced (Omnia’s Column 5).

  • They have a strong sense of urgency
  • Want to take immediate action
  • Will capitalize on opportunities
  • Can manage competing demands
  • Will roll with the unexpected
  • Are comfortable working under tight deadlines

Sales is a field that moves quickly, and naturally urgent people are motivated by the variety and time pressure of selling. Those professionals with more Column 6 are patient and systematic; they often bring persistence to the table. They are comfortable sticking out a long sales cycle.


While assertiveness is often the single most critical ingredient to sales success, this trait plays a close second. It has been shown to contribute to overall sales success because this is where you find resilience; the ability to brush off rejection and move on to the next opportunity with confidence. Some people move past it quickly while others tend to dwell on it and lose confidence.

No One Likes Rejection Of Course

You want people who can move past it with ease. On the Omnia benchmark, this means a taller column 7 than 8 or just a little bit of 8, but too much and the problem with rejection becomes a noticeable impediment to sales.

Another sales strength of the column 7 is comfort working with little to no structure. The ideal salesperson makes decisions in unclear situations and handles ambiguity with confidence.

They focus on results, not processes.

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