2-Day ILT Workshop; Four 4-hour VILT Workshops; Pre and Post Digital Learning


Marketing Professionals, Sales Professionals


VILT, Instructor-led, Digital, Blended Learning

Key Elements of Program

Solution Messaging Training Makes Sales and Marketing Conversations Meaningful

Sales and marketing professionals need more than a strong product to drive business. They need a strong message to differentiate their solution from the competition. The Solution Messaging training program teaches a repeatable and reliable methodology that enables sales professionals and marketers to develop messages for their products and services that clearly demonstrate the ways their offerings solve customer problems and create value.

Solution Messaging training helps marketing teams change their mindset from a product and feature-centric perspective to one that emphasizes the value of solutions for customers’ problems and critical business issues. The training also enables sellers to communicate the differentiated value of offerings more clearly to buyers, and thus win more opportunities, sell a broader set of the solution portfolio, and close business at higher margins.

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The Solution Messaging Training Program

Solution Messaging training provides marketing and sales teams with a repeatable and practical methodology and skills for generating highly effective, solution-focused messages to customers.

Solution Messaging Training Program Business Benefits

Solution Messaging training drives results for your business in a variety of ways, including:

  • Driving higher sales across a broader range of offerings in the product portfolio
  • Execution of more successful new product launches
  • Ensuring competitively differentiated messaging in marketing promotions and sales conversations
  • Ensuring more efficient use of sales and marketing resources, and higher operating margins

Key Areas Of Content:

To express a compelling case for buying their products or services, marketing and product management teams must show how their offerings provide unique value. The Solution Messaging methodology helps marketers identify compelling ways to create value for key buyer personas, and articulate how their offerings differ from competitive alternatives or maintaining status quo.

Too often, marketing positioning focuses excessively on offering features and functions, rather than on how they solve customer problems and create new value. Solution Messaging provides repeatable methods and tools for creating and organizing clear expressions of value for product and service offerings, collecting compelling trends and facts that demonstrate that value, and organizing solution messages for sales enablement, marketing communications, targeted promotions and many other business development purposes.

The Solution Messaging methodology enables marketing and product management professionals to provide practical content for the sales team, so they can demonstrate their understanding and ability to make a tangible difference in buyers’ results. This increases the sales team’s confidence in positioning potential solutions, raising the velocity of new offering sales, and expanding cross-selling and up-selling the entire solution portfolio.

With the Solution Messaging methodology, marketing and product management teams can work in harmony with sales channels, providing the competitive positioning and proofs of value that enable sales professionals to win opportunities and accelerate business results.

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